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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ask Your Pool Question?

Is Adding Vinegar to your Swimming Pool a Cheaper Way of Keeping the Algae out of it?


Q: Hola sir. This should brighten up your day. Is putting vinegar in your swimming pool a cheaper way of keeping the algae out of it? In final, that is the current question.

Ok, this is my thank you note. Love the good help.

Maureen Bost (Middleburg Florida)


A: Hello visitor, ok we got it. Good news, here we go. Vinegar is not an algaecide in any possible way. Think of the quantities that you would have to add for it to kill anything. Think of the smell. Chlorine is really the cheapest chemical to properly maintain a swimming pool. Moving forward, get it done. Complete it.

Well, our pleasure to do what we can. The end.

Regards, Alberto ("Your Lee County Pool Service Professional")

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